Welcome to LDP Radio

We are the an internet based radio station with live DJs playing all the best dance music to listeners throughout London and the South East.

LDP Radio: DJs broadcasting throughout the week, bringing you the best on House and Dance music

LDP Radio started its life on Facebook, as a group called “Lockdown Pressure”. This group was originally put together because of the UK lockdown and acted as a way of bringing DJs together to play dance music to audiences via Facebook.

This was partly to give DJs who were stuck at home something constructive to do with their spare time and partly to provide some entertainment (in the form of Dance music) to people throughout London and the South East, whilst they were also stuck at home with nothing to do.

The Lockdown Pressure group so a huge amount of success, building the numbers up to 1500+ in just a few months. The only issue with the existing setup was the Facebook algorithms – which often take the live video down if they detect that copyright music is being played by the DJ.

This created lots of problems and generally interupted the listening experience and this brought on the idea of setting up a fully licensed internet radio station – and that is how LDP Radio was formed.

Fast forward a few months and after lots of planning ldpradio.co.uk was launched as an internet based radio station, fully licensed by PRS for Music and PPL. To begin with the station brought live dance music to listeners on weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) and eventually spread throughout the week as well.

Right from the start the station made a big impact, having the launch party headlined by one of the most notable names in house music – Joe Varni. The launch night was a great success, drawing lots of attention from dance music lovers throughout the south east and since then the radio station has continued to grow in popularity with many notable DJs joining the team as well as guest appearances from well-known DJs such as Carnao Beats making regular appearances on the station.

The next big event from LDP Radio is coming up on the 27th March 2021 when they will be holding a charity music event to support prominent mental health charity SRA – with live DJs throughout the day and evening, LDP Radio will be supporting mental health with music on their event dubbed House4House and raising money for a very important cause. As well as a fantastic lineup of resident DJs LDP Radio also have special guest DJ CARNAO BEATS.

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